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Chrome extensions for Serious Business

Introduction There are Chrome extensions for play (like, say, Rather), and then there are other extensions. Serious extensions. Extensions for Serious Business. I quite like my extensions for Serious Business times. I think you might too — it’s a fairly

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Four Errors and a Funeral

The story so far… The integration framework went live, along with a little catch-all for errors that would store what the error was, and what we were trying to integrate with when it happened. A tiny (hideous) dashboard was thrown

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Scheme-ing some ECMAScript 6

Introduction )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) If this rings a bell, this may be the article for you. ECMAScript 6 has a range of quite neat functions – I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with using it. One that caught my

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AC/DC hopes get loadshed

Recently a URL started making its way around various social platforms, advertising what seemed to be an imminent South African AC/DC tour. Hosted at, which seemed to be a quite clever combination of AC/DC and ZA, it all seemed

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What if Yoda had been a little harsher?

Yoda’s been through a lot. Moving from sitting on the Jedi council, through watching your order get decimated (by a Jedi you didn’t want), to living in a swamp – it’s a rough deal for a 900 year old dude.

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IntelliJ Plugin Development – Drowning in Documentation

Introduction Documentation is important. Okay, let’s be slightly more precise – good documentation is important. Take as an example the IntelliJ plugin documentation – at the time of writing, it’s hopefully out of date. Trying to find any useful sources

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LazyFx – quick JavaFx forms

Introduction JavaFx, although being far from perfect (whyyyy all those -fx prefixed “css” properties?) is definitely better than any of the previous attempts at Java desktop apps. Historically, Java has always put the “ewwwy” in GUI, and the incredibly programmatic

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h:outputText values with named parameters

Introduction JSF supports parameter substitution out-of-the-box, but only so far as using numbered indices, which aren’t insanely easy to read or remember. For example,

This outputs “This comes out as that.” – fine for your everyday message, but when

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JavaFX and JavaScript – calling Java from JavaScript

Introduction JavaFX’s integration with web pages is quite impressive – you can query the DOM, execute arbitrary JavaScript and get results back. In addition, you can trigger changes on the Java-side from the web page. In this brief introduction we’ll look

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ANT API – JAVA_HOME and non-standard build files

Introduction I’ve been working with the ANT API whilst putting together a build tool (long story) recently. There isn’t a whole lot of documentation available on the ‘net (in fact, there’s explicitly little documentation in cases),  so here are two

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