Long, long ago, there was this article. That article spawned a meteor.js application that was a fully featured poker game, with an overly large GIF engine (for 2014), with which we whiled away a fair amount of time.

Time moved on, and that meteor.js project is so far behind that it can’t run anymore (that’s on my to-do list, meteor.js is pretty cool). Every now and then, I find reason to need some sort of Poker capability though. Like now.

My journeys through the ‘net looking for a reasonable Java Poker SDK have been met without much success though. And as we know, writing your own is far more fun.

Anyways, here’s a Poker SDK for everyone. The code is sitting on GitHub, and there will be available Maven artifacts once I work out how getting Maven artifacts uploaded to the repository works anyways. They should look like:

The API is fairly easy to use – the easiest introduction to it is probably one of the tests though.

Let me know if you have any questions – once an app or two that uses it is available I’ll update this article to reflect that.

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