AC/DC hopes get loadshed

Recently a URL started making its way around various social platforms, advertising what seemed to be an imminent South African AC/DC tour.

Too good to be true?

Too good to be true?

Hosted at, which seemed to be a quite clever combination of AC/DC and ZA, it all seemed to good to be true. Far too good to be true in fact – Google-ing the tour dates revealed nothing planned by AC/DC, just this one website collecting e-mails over standard HTTP.

A bit of sleuthing (okay, a domain lookup) revealed the registrant’s email address, so I dropped him a mail asking what exactly was happening with this tour.

His response was not encouraging.

This doesn't look good

This doesn’t look good

I clarified and included a screenshot of the domain. He replied.



So, I guess that’s it. No AC/DC tour, just a strangely elaborate attempt to… harvest email addresses?

On the bright side guys, it seems Slipknot and Iron Maiden are both coming to visit, so don’t get too sad.


It looks like the hosts have removed the page, accessing it now returns

The website is gone, like our hopes.

The website is gone, like our hopes.


Feeling down? See Yoda apply some Force Burn to Luke.



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