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Just Dead – my zombies.

Introduction I’ve always loved zombie (no, we’re not supposed to say that word!) films for some reason. There are ranges of interpretations of zombies, their motivations, what they say about humanity, but sometimes you just need to watch Brain Dead,

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Lining the Terrain

Introduction For various reasons, I need to draw some lines on terrain in Unity. I’m not sure if these are the algorithms I’ll end up using, but given that I couldn’t find anything but pseudo-code for them (okay, I didn’t

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Unity on OSX, seeing everything.

Introduction As I journey down this Unity-fying road, I weave together many strands left behind by those adventurers that have come before me. That’s a nice way of saying that I stick together pieces of code found on n00b boards.

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Flocking Vectors in Unity

Introduction (aka, those flocking Vectors) Those flocking Vectors. How I grow to hate them. Hate’s a strong word – how they irk me from time to time. But occasionally they come together to form something quite beautiful – especially (as

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