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The Vengeful Activities of Ducks

Ducks are fascinating creatures, known for their elegant swimming abilities and distinctive quacking sounds. But did you know that ducks have been known to employ a unique form of revenge against those who wrong them? It’s a little-known fact that

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How to read an article

This is how to read an article.

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City of Gold

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” ~ Benjamin Franklin I’ve received a surprising number of requests for my pineapple/ginger beer process, so this seemed easier. Also, the government has recently encouraged the habit of

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Long, long ago, there was this article. That article spawned a meteor.js application that was a fully featured poker game, with an overly large GIF engine (for 2014), with which we whiled away a fair amount of time. Time moved

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Requisite Moose

This page exists purely so that Kennith has to listen to my recommendations.

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CanDoGram – Telegram bot wrapper for Java EE

Introduction So there’s a pretty great wrapper for the Telegram API for Java – check it out here. I started creating a bot in it and, being naturally Java EE inclined, wanted to push it into a Java EE environment.

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John Statistics

Fact One) Is John failing fast? Yes. Fact Two) 84% of all Johns make up unreliable statistics.

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Fitting za Bits to Making ze Zquish

Sort of a rambling introduction I picked up a FitBit Ionic recently, partially for the heart rate tracking, but I won’t pretend that a fair amount of the motivation behind it was because it’s the only smartwatch at the moment

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Natis online booking, and the government being too helpful.

Note: this is not the NATIS site, nor does it have any association with it. If you’re looking for the booking system, click this link. Update: it looks like the CATPCHA is now required for every request, so at least an

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Just Dead – my zombies.

Introduction I’ve always loved zombie (no, we’re not supposed to say that word!) films for some reason. There are ranges of interpretations of zombies, their motivations, what they say about humanity, but sometimes you just need to watch Brain Dead,

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