“Don’t look, just fly.”

Don't look, just fly.

So I’ve recently had a need to have a look at this Angular 2 business (in plain JavaScript, the tutorial has not been fun translating TypeScript to JavaScript as I went). (Okay, it’s been a bit of fun)

The days of including dependencies are apparently over, and now there’s a whole ecosystem required – npm. That’s great if you’re on a reasonable network, but if you’re deep within a corporate structure behind thousands of firewalls and proxies, such a thing does not exist.

I needed to setup up the proxy to run the package manager to download the dependencies to launch the software, just so I could start to do the job. Sighs.

Just working out where our proxy is now involved some quality time with netstat -an | find "EST" , which is a special memory I’ll always have now.

Once I had some likely candidates I spent quite a lot of time with this post, but no matter how matter what I tried there was no success. I briefly pondered scripting downloads by parsing the verbose logs and triggering Selenium, but luckily for me Selenium doesn’t handle downloads so well. Anyways.

In a fit of depression, I got down to basics and decided to download the files via the command-line. Windows not having one, I launched Git Bash and fired up curl .

And it downloaded.

What. That’s… unbelievable. I fired up the npm install  and it ran smoothly. So, if you’ve run out of other options, try setting everything to http:// , then firing up Git Bash and see if it works for you.

I don’t know what it does, and I’m not investigating unless I break it.

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