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Get the message?

Following on from a bout of attempting (and finally succeeding) to get the content and background scripts in a Chrome extension to talk to one another, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to write down a couple of the things

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Getting Some Context

Introduction I’ve recently started experimenting with creating Chrome extensions. Although there are a number of good tutorials out there  (turning divs red was particularly helpful), it’s almost impossible to have tutorials out there ready-and-waiting for all possible topics. So, let’s

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Searching for primes

There’s a well known way to optimise a basic search for primes, but why does it work?

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Generating South African ID Numbers

Introduction An ID number is a basic requirement for various online applications. There are two ways we can take advantage of ID numbers – we can verify them using their check digit to ensure that the user entered their ID

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Web Audio API – Bits of Sound

Introduction “Da da da dum! Doesn’t that stir anything in you?” Ford Prefect, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Sound and music have been an part of our society since time unknown. Impossible as it would be to describe to

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Mental backups for impress.js

Impress.js impress.js is a beautiful piece of a presentation library that uses HTML5 elements to give you a continuous ‘infinite’ presentation surface. This allows you to develop presentations employing effects that are simply impossible using a traditional slide-based deck. The

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Analyzing a Poker Hand Analyzer

Introduction subskybox wrote an intimidating 5-card poker hand analyzer in four lines of JavaScript. The original is somewhat tricky to understand initially:

Of course, by somewhat tricky I mean extremely tricky, and by initially I mean always. The shock and

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require.js, jQuery and canvas

In an attempt to bring some sort of order to my JavaScript projects, I’m introducing the require.js library. As it says, require.js is a Javascript file and module loader.

This means that I can break away from HTML files

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Parsing Guitar Tab

Introduction Standard musical notation is extremely expressive but has an incredibly steep learning curve. Although it can specify notes and duration precisely it takes practice and time to learn how to convert from what you see to how you play it. For

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The Math is Fine, The Universe is Broken

If something is really really really small, does it really not exist at all? You may say no, everything has a value, no matter how small or tiny it is. The joy of existence is that that which exists cannot

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